Dunn, NC | Fall 2020

Dunn, NC | Fall 2020

Crusader Youth Camp 2020 Update

Our team has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. In abiding by our governor’s guidelines, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Crusader Youth Camp. Our ultimate goal is to protect each camper and their health is of the utmost importance. This decision was not made lightly and in light of the shortage of cleaning supplies, possible quick turn around after quarantine and the financial impact COVID-19 is having on so many homes -- we feel this is the best decision for camp this summer. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through this process. Instead of hosting a full week of summer camp, we are hosting CYC Weekends to help accommodate school schedules this fall.

The new dates for CYC are:

Camp Friendship // August 27-30

Camp Caleb // October 12-14

Elementary Weekend // October 9-11

Middle School Weekend // October 23-25

High School Weekend // November 6-8

If you have any questions, please call the PFWB Resource Center at 910.892.4161 or email Jessica at jessica@pfwb.org. We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Welcome to Crusader Youth Camp!

The mission statement for CYC is "Crusader Youth Camp; a place to have fun, make friends, and experience God."  There are other events relative to Crusader Youth Camp that are held throughout the year: Encounter (Middle & High School Students), The Surge (Elementary School Students) and The Summit (College Students).

Our camping season begins with Camp Caleb, our senior adult camp followed by Camp Friendship, our special needs camp. There is also a camp specifically for foster children called Royal Family Kids Camp. And our regular camp, Crusader Youth Camp, runs for 3 weeks where it's broken down into Elementary, Middle School and High School Weeks.

2020 Weekend Dates & Pricing:

August 27-30: Camp Friendship (Special Needs) $100
October 12-14: Camp Caleb (Ages 50+) $75
October 9-11: Elementary (K-5th)  $100
October 23-25: Middle School (6th-8th) $100
November 6-8: High School  (9th-12th)  $100


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