Dunn, NC | Summer 2018

Dunn, NC | Summer 2018

Welcome to Crusader Youth Camp!

The mission statement for CYC is "Crusader Youth Camp; a place to have fun, make friends, and experience God". There are two primary events relative to Crusader Youth Camp; Encounter, the Winter Teen Retreat, which is held every year in February, and Crusader Youth Camp which runs from May through the end of July.

Our camping season begins with Camp Caleb, our senior adult camp followed by Camp Friendship, our special needs camp. There is also a camp specifically for foster children called Royal Family Kids Camp. And our regular camp, Crusader Youth Camp, runs for 3 weeks where its broken down into an Elementary, Middle School and High School Weeks.


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  • Add the new CYC Snapchat account for CYC news and events.
  • Encounter ‘18 is at 75% capacity!  If you haven’t registered yet make sure you reserve your spot so you don’t miss out. 
If you can’t make the weekend conference but want to attend the Rapture Ruckus concert on Saturday night, then get your tickets for just $10/person on the website. 
Register at www.encounterstudents.co
  • Check it out!  Tribal Wars are coming to Encounter ‘18.  Will the Cowboys, Indians, Ninjas or Pirates take the crown? 
Register at:  encounterstudents.co
  • Register at encounterstudents.co
  • Add the new CYC Snapchat account for CYC news and events.